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Working Cats

The Verde Valley Humane Society periodically has healthy, sterilized cats in desperate need of new outdoor homes.  These “working cats” are semi-feral (fearful of people and prefer the company of other cats or other animals) or are cats whose behaviors are more acceptable in a barn or other non-traditional home.

We do not release cats as working cats if they are suitable to be house pets; only cats without other options. These cats need to live at an active farm, horse stable, warehouse, plant nursery, or other suitable location with safe outbuildings. They have nowhere else to go.

Working cats will keep rodents away from grain and food storage areas, and when there are no rats or mice, there are fewer snakes. These cats may be great companions to other animals and protect costly feed from pests.

Working cats are low-maintenance, too. Veterinarian care has been given, as well as a rabies shot, distemper shot, and exam, and all are spayed or neutered (no unwanted litters!).  The property owner’s only responsibility will be to provide daily food and water (even experienced mousers cannot live on mice alone), protection from the elements, long-term vet care as needed, and a secure place to keep them for the first 2-3 weeks while they acclimate to the new environment. This can be a tack room or any secure indoor enclosure where an introduction cage can be set up. After a short period of secure confinement, the cats will accept your barn as their new home.

If you own or manage property and have permission for long-term placement of animals on the property, please call us!  Adoption fees are waived but you are welcome to make a donation, and we will gladly assist, support and advise you as the working cats settle into their new home.

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