Toby, Babe, and Chloe need your help!

Your gift today can help ensure the most vulnerable in our society – the ill and injured, the lost, the unwanted, and the orphans – always have a safe place to go when they need it.

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We want to introduce you to some of the animals you’ll be helping with your donation: Toby, Babe, and Chloe.


Toby & Babe

Toby and Babe are a bonded pair of senior poodle mixes. Toby (above left) is 10 years old and Babe (above right) is about nine. They’re both suffering from Stage 4 Canine Periodontal Disease. Much like Periodontal Disease in humans, Toby and Babe are experiencing severe tarter, swollen, irritated gums that bleed easily, and likely some infection of the tissues that hold their teeth in place. It’s not uncommon in older dogs – but it’s also expensive to treat. You can help Toby and Babe, and others like them, go from homeless to home with a contribution to our medical fund, and we’ll keep everyone posted on their progress.


Chloe’s owner died and the family couldn’t keep her, so she is here with us now. She’s highly adoptable – friendly, and walks well on a leash – but before she can go to a new home, her Cherry Eye needs to be fixed. Her first surgery seemed to go well but we’re already seeing signs of recurrence. That means we’ve got to be ready for a second costly surgery. If you’d like to donate to our medical fund you’ll be helping Chloe, and all the others like her, on the road from homeless to home.


We are committed to upholding a high standard of care for every animal at our shelter. Our commitment to make every effort to give each animal a forever home means our animals are relying on you even more. Please click on the button below and donate to help provide the medical care Toby, Babe, Chloe, and all our animals, so desperately need.


Contribute to our medical fund


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